Sunday, 19 June 2016

Room 1 loves Sensory Volume!

We spend a few minutes (the length of an accompanying music track) exploring each sensory experience. 
Over the term the students have learned to associate the music and anticipate whats coming next. Favourite items this term are the bubble machine and the shredded paper! :)

Monday, 30 May 2016

Tālofa lava! Afio mai!

It's Samoan language week this week (between 29 May and 4 June) and we have been learning a new song and some new signs to go along with it.

Savalivali means go for a walk
Tautalatala means too much talk
Alofa ia te oe means I love you

Take it easy, faifai lemu

Monday, 16 May 2016

Welcome to term 2 and our new blog!

Our topic focus this term is physical phenomena, including light, sound and heat.
We have started by looking at light and dark and are exploring this topic by visiting the Sensory Space at base school on Monday mornings.
We have also created out own "dark room" in class. The students had great fun helping to paint the dark room (black!) and are enjoying trying out all the different torches and light toys.

Ben exploring the torches in our new dark space.